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4th October 2020

Update concerning costs of Mika’s surgery and received donations


We want to give a short update about the calculated costs of Mika’s surgery.

It has been difficult to figure out the exact amount because there have been many uncertainties (concerning the ambulance service, for example). We originally estimated a total sum of approximately 100.000 €, but unfortunately probably more money will be needed for the surgery and all related costs.

It’s only now become clear how the ambulance service to Barcelona and back will work, and how much it will cost. Mika’s health condition is so critical that a professional ambulance service is necessary. The safest and fastest possibility is by airplane.

As you can imagine, a private ambulance service by plane is very expensive. The cost comes to about 25.000 € each way.

That’s why our donation goal has increased to about 137.250 €.

The sum is composed of the clinic’s estimate of costs for the surgery (71.750€), the ambulance service (about 50.000€), accommodation expenses in Barcelona (about 4.000€), transport and fare costs there (1.500€) and the estimated rehabilitation and aftercare costs (10.000€) which also have to be payed privately, unfortunately.

We kindly ask for your understanding about the adjustment.

If you have further questions you can send us an e-mail.

We also have good news!

A foundation from GLS Treuhand e.V. donated a very generous amount of 65.000€.

Many thanks to them! We are totally overwhelmed! This enormous sum has made sure that we can already cover the majority of the costs.

We also want to say a big thank you to all of you who supported Mika. With your help, we have already raised 108.191€ in donations.

We still have some way to go before reaching our goal, so please continue to share our call for donations.

Many thanks and warm regards <3

Mika’s friends


26 August 2020

Today we want to share a message from Mika:

“Hello dears,

first of all thank you so much to everyone who donated! Seeing the fundraiser total going up every day is really keeping my spirits up.

In the last weeks my condition has as worsened again – I have to fight with severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). I spent my birthday in hospital this year, having some kind of systemic allergic reaction which left me unable to eat or drink. Because my throat was closed, my chest sounded a bit dodgy, a doctor in an antiviral space suit came out and sent me to the COVID ward in an ambulance. It was a place I’d been hoping to avoid, obviously.

I spent a couple of days there in isolation, got a negative swab, then was moved to the general ward. With antihistamines I became able to drink a little water and so my blood pressure gradually came back toward minimum normal. Used to a darkened room and hushed speech, the 24hour bustle & chaos and rigorous chemical cleaning infection protocols quickly made the environment more harmful than helpful and so I asked to be discharged home. Unfortunately not in much better state than when I went in.

At present my diet is restricted to small portions of puréed fruit and vegetables, and stolen gulps of water administered around antihistamines. Eating and drinking so little doesn’t help the issues I’m having with my blood pressure and circulation, which makes standing to get to the toilet an additional challenge, even with crutches.

With the NHS not equipped to deal with specialist care for complex conditions, especially not in a rural area away from large hospitals and during the chaos of a pandemic, I’m just trying to figure things out hour by hour.

I have an EpiPen. The worst throat closures / blood pressure drops come on so suddenly at all hours of the day and night, it’s hard to rest.

Hoping with the help of my friends, to have more positive news to share over the course of the summer and into the autumn.

Please don’t stop doing all that you’re doing – every share brings us  a bit closer to the goal.

With Love,

16 May 2020

Since receiving their diagnosis at the start of this year Mika has already managed to raise 10.130€ in donations on the fundraising platform Gofundme.

Together with Mika we want to thank everyone who has donated so far, or helped Mika in other ways! Its your support that helps Mika to not lose hope!

In the last months we – Mika‘s partner and friends in germany -got together to organise a bigger fundraising campaign. We all are doing this for the first time and needed to aquire the necessary knowledge first (for example about the law on charities and donations).
(Even though time is a pressing issue we didn‘t want to rush things, so there are no unpleasant surprises and the campaign can be as successful as possible.)

We got together with the non-profit and charitable association “Soziale Nothilfe e.V.“ who support us and together with whom we organise the fundraising campaign. This cooperation enables us to give you a donation receipt for donations over 200€ (if you wish to receive a donation receipt please write to: help.for.mk[at]protonmail.com)

Then the corona pandemic reached us and suddenly Mika’s situation and our work became even more difficult. Now many people get an impression of things that have been everyday life for Mika since a long time:
Suddenly, a lot of security collapses, the future is uncertain and for some people their own life is in danger. People who are in quarantine can no longer leave the house, social contacts are severely restricted and isolation is increasing. Instead of being able to pursue hobbies and dreams further, priority must be given to one’s own health and everything else takes a back seat.

For Mika, the current situation means that they are suddenly separated from their partner in Germany and can no longer be visited in Scotland. First, because the borders are closed and travel options are limited. But also because Mika and Mika’s parents belong to high-risk groups. A infection with Covid19 would be life threatening for Mika.

Mika’s health has not improved in recent months. Mika is more and more limited to lying in bed. This is often only possible in the dark, in silence and without activity or entertainment, alone with the pain and fear. (Because light and acoustic stimuli are mostly difficult to bear for people with M.E. and lead to a deterioration of the condition when overloaded.)
Mika also continues to struggle with breathing difficulties and seizures.
Despite everything, Mika does not lose courage and still manages to find nice moments.

Mika has already had a first online cosultaion with the surgeon and is in close contact with the clinic in Barcelona. After a period of corona-related restrictions, clinic operations have started up again.
We hope – if the fundraising is successful – that Mika can be flown and operated on in Barcelona in autumn / winter.

For us, one thing is clear: in a crisis like this, it is more important than ever to show solidarity and not to turn ones back on those who have it the hardest.

We are hoping for everyone to stick together, enable Mika to have the lifesaving surgery and get through this corona pandemic together.


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