Please Help Mika Survive with your Donation!

Lifesaving spinal surgery for Mika

Our friend Mika is severely ill and urgently needs lifesaving surgery due to a structural issue with their upper spine. Mika‘s health had deteriorated more and more over the last few years. For the last 2 years Mika has rarely been able to leave their flat or even bed. After seeing many different doctors and specialists over that time Mika finally received a diagnosis this new years eve.

Mika suffers from Craniocervical Instability. This instability of the upper spine has resulted in compression of the brainstem and blood vessels supplying the skull. Mika’s situation is currently so severe that they suffer from daily seizures and serious breathing difficulties.

Possible help comes in the form of a surgery by a specialist neurosurgeon in Barcelona, who has successfully treated several other patients with the same condition. Unfortunately this is currently the only clinic in Europe which offers this surgery for people with Mika‘s combination of illnesses.

Because of it being a private clinic outside of the UK, and the treatment method being quite new, Mika‘s health insurance is not covering the costs. But Mika is not ready to give up. They want to fight for their life, in the hope some day they will gain back some quality of life.

Because the costs of the surgery by far exceed what we can scrape together as family and friends (expected costs of about 100 000€), we are calling to you to help Mika.

Thank you very much for your kind donations!